Problems with uninvited guests?

IDS have the solution

Welcome to IDS Solutions.  We are a company that specialises in providing digital security and monitoring solutions for farms, agricultural sites and equestrian properties.  We recognise that securing and monitoring rural locations is costly and can present a number of unique challenges.  We also know that these sites are prime targets for intruders and thieves.

At IDS Solutions we have  developed a wide range of effective, low cost security and monitoring solutions to protect rural environments. Our product range covers everything from a small stand-alone workshop alarm to our flagship AgriWatch digital farm security system.

Our product range has been designed around three key principles:

    Value for money ~ Ease of use ~ Reliability

Our flexible systems can be tailored to your individual requirements and are designed to grow should you expand your site.

We provide a full design and installation service or alternatively all of our solutions and products  are available in pre-assembled kit form for DIY installation.

For friendly and practical advice, please call IDS Solutions on: 01962 732044.      

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